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Natural Pillow Mist | Deep Slumber


Pillow Mist | Deep Slumber 

Skilfully blended with the benefits of essential oils and to compliment this very relaxing blend we have infused healing Amethyst crystals*.  Created to enhance your wellbeing, help you unwind and have a good night's sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and rested.  Size: 50ml

*Amethyst crystals | Can help cleanse and calm the mind, combat insomnia and help release addictive patterns.


Black and white drawing of half moon and stars depicting Relaxing benefits symbol for Midsummer Aromatherapy Room Spray 100% pure essential oils benefit symbol black and white heart shape drawing of British flag with Made in England benefits symbolBlack and white drawing of a pair of hands depicting Hand poured in small batches benefits symbolBlack and white heart shape drawing with Recyclable glass bottle benefits symbol for Midsummer Home Fragrance Diffuser


Lavender essential oil | Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia | Country of origin: France | One of the most versatile and wellknown essential oils in the world.  Steam distilled from the fresh flowering tops of the plant, it is one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly on the skin.  We love its’ flexible nature, enhancing any oil it is blended with and our number one choice to use in a relaxing blend to help you unwind, induce feelings of calm and combat stress.

Mandarin essential oil | Botanical name: Citrus nobilis |Country of origin: Italy | Cold pressed from the peel of the ripe fruit. One of our favourites to fragrance a room it is considered to be one of the best oils to help calm and sooth your mind. The rich sweet orange scent had floral undertones that makes a wonderful addition to a blend.  Its’ restorative properties are are known to ease stress and help you combat insomnia.

Vetiver essential oil | Botanical name: Chrysopogon zizaioides | Country of origin: Indonesia | The oil is steam distilled from the rootlets, which are washed, then dried, cut and chopped and usually soaked again in water prior to distillation.  It has very rich rich scent with a woody, earthy undertone.  Used in perfumery as an excellent base note in fragrances.  It has both sedating and strengthening properties and can help to reduce stress and tension by soothing and calming the mind.


FREE FROM: Parabens and artificial colours 


Spray your pillow just before you go to sleep. We recommend you spritz the Pillow Mist about 30cm away. Test patch first to ensure no staining.

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