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Natural Aura Spray | Revive


Aura Spray | Revive | Infused with Citrine

Skilfully blended with the benefits of essential oils with reviving therapeutic properties. Infused with natural healing Citrine* crystals. Created to give you an energy boost if you are feeling a little lack lustre.  Size: 50ml

*Citrine | With its bright, sunny colour, this energising crystal will help wake your tired mind and increase your energy levels.



100% pure essential oils

Made in England

Hand-poured in small batches

Recyclable glass bottle

Ginger essential oil | Botanical name: Zingiber officinale | Country of origin: China | Steam distilled from the root with a rich, sharp scent with warm and stimulating spicy notes that can enhance concentration.  Ginger can also help to reduce feelings of sadness and loneliness and help with lethargy.

Lime essential oil | Botanical name: Citrus arantifolia | Country of origin: Mexico | Extracted through cold pressing of the peel from the fruit.  A fresh, green citrus scent that energises the mind adding a crispness to any blend.  We love the fresh fruity notes and use it extensively across many of our collections.  It is one of our top choices to use in a blend – it helps clear and refresh your mind, your senses and uplifts your mood.


FREE FROM: Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens and Artificial Colours 

HOW TO USE: Spritz the Aura Spray into the air at home, in the office or keep in your handbag so you can mist your environment anytime you need to feel revived.

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