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Howard Brewitt The Imperfect Circle Limited Edition Abstract Art


The pursuit of achieving perfection has long been a companion of mine. But the reality that being imperfect can open up that circle to a lot of love, joy and experiences. To me circles represent the image of being perfect, unblemished and constant. I created this piece to be simple, just colour and shape and the acknowledgement that not being perfect is okay.

About this artwork:

The real inspiration for this came from watching a sunset on safari, which made me feel that warmth of the constant cycle of the sun setting and then rising again. But when a cloud partially covered a small part of what would have been a perfect sunset, it made me realise that at that moment, it didn't matter.


24 inches x 24 inches  60cm x 60cm)

Product comes signed, unframed and is delivered in protective packaging.


Limited to 50

So, what's a giclee print?

A Giclée is a very high-resolution ink-jet print onto an acid and bleach free, 100% cotton archival paper.

The highest quality light-fast, UV stable inks are used.

The print is then coated in a protective spray, which gives it an added level of UV and moisture protection and an extremely high tolerance to environmental factors.

Every giclee colour print is light-fast for at least 75 – 100 years, and monochrome prints are stable for at least 200 years.

If kept in suitable conditions there is almost no limit as to how long they could last.

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