Howard Brewitt

Special Edition Gold Leaf OWL 01 Giclee Art Print


A special edition piece, each OWL 01 Black Plum is then hand finished with gold leaf on the eyes and beak. So each one is ever so slightly different.

A gallery quality giclee print that is professionally printed and can last you a lifetime.

Sizes available:

40 cm x 50 cm

Your OWL 01 Black Plum piece will be printed, hand finished, framed and shipped within 14 days and will arrive safely in protective packaging. 

So, what's a giclee print?

A Giclée is a very high-resolution ink-jet print onto an acid and bleach free, 100% cotton archival paper.

The highest quality light-fast, UV stable inks are used.

The print is then coated in a protective spray, which gives it an added level of UV and moisture protection and an extremely high tolerance to environmental factors.

Every giclee colour print is light-fast for at least 75 – 100 years, and monochrome prints are stable for at least 200 years.

If kept in suitable conditions there is almost no limit as to how long they could last.

Framing options:

Stylish matte black metal

The matte black colour gives a beautiful contrast to the print and the picture frame comes with a crystal clear acrylic glass. The glass is protected on both sides with a protective film that is removed before use, to ensure a perfect experience. The back is equipped with two hangers of metal, making the black metal frames easy to hang. Width: 9mm. Depth: 20mm.

Black wood

Black in its purest appearance with a stylish design. The frame has an elegant profile with a sculptural depth where the edges meet the glass. The black wood frames are equipped with two hangers of metal, making it easy to hang. Width: 12 mm. Depth: 22mm.

Shiny gold

Exclusive lustrous golden design. The frame is elegantly shaped with smooth curves flowing onto the glass, emphasising its stunning shine. Width: 9mm. Depth: 20mm.

Crystal clear acrylic glass

Acrylic glass is slightly more expensive than ordinary glass - but it is well worth it. Having the same beautiful reflective properties as glass, whilst being lighter, shatterproof and crystal clear, makes acrylic glass the way to go.  


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