Sidai Designs

Sidai Designs | Zebra Pearl Necklace | Pink, Orange, Salmon, Gold


This zebra pearl necklace is from Sidai Design's brand new Lulu collection.

On a clear night, the full moon is bright and iridescent. It illuminates the path of the wandering Maasai and energises them for the journey home. The moon's shimmering surface and shape has been likened to a pearl, and Sidai have embraced this lustrous gem to light their path as they release their first collection after a reflective year.

Swarovski pearls are set against gold filled beads in the new Lulu collection, celebrating Sidai's love of the pearl for her symbolic wisdom, and ability to guide and protect her wearer through dark times.

Glass beaded necklace decorated with a block of 24k gold-plated beads and a Swarovski pearl, finished with an adjustable 14k gold filled enclosure.

Size: 38cm

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