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Sidai Designs | Wide Woven Ring | Turquoise


A beaded ring from Sidai Designs' Endito collection. This collection of simple beaded products is a tribute to young Maasai girls, who sit with their mothers and learn to bead while singing songs. Until they are ready to marry, the young girls wear only simply strung beaded jewellery. 

This flexible ring uses a weaving technique new to the Maasai tribe and flatter beads that allow the ring to sit elegantly against the skin.

Made from glass beads a d 24K gold-plated glass beads.

Your chosen piece is 100% handmade by one of 120 Maasai beaders in Tanzania, so no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. With different hands crafting each piece, they celebrate the uniqueness of the slight irregularities and differences between them, truly making them one of a kind. 

Size M/L: Fits ring sizes 7/8 US (from N to P UK).

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