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Reed Diffuser Refil | Lemon Verbena


Diffuser Refill | Natural Reed Diffuser | Lemon Verbena

Who doesn’t love a little sunshine? Quite a challenge to try and capture it in a bottle but we think we've managed to harness some of its’ rays.  Skilfully blended with the benefits of essential oils.  You can enjoy the bright citrusy notes of the verbena plant and bask in the sunshine atmosphere with one of our most refreshing blends.  Size: 100ml (Includes 8 reed sticks).


Black and white drawing of sunshine to depict a Refreshing benefits symbol - Diffuser Refill - Awaken 100% pure essential oils benefit symbol black and white heart shape drawing of British flag with Made in England benefits symbolBlack and white drawing of a pair of hands depicting Hand poured in small batches benefits symbolBlack and white heart shape with recyclable glass bottle benefits symbol

Lemon essential oil | Botanical name: Citrus limonum: Country of origin: Italy | Expressed from the ripe peel adding a fresh, clean note to any aromatherapy blend.  We really love its’ sparkling aroma that gives any fragrance a lift.  It can help relieve headaches and improve concentration.

Verbena essential oil | Botanical name: Aloysia triphylla | Country of origin: Spain | Steam distilled from the freshly harvested herb.  A refreshing, lemony scent that blends particularly well with other citrus oils.  Detoxifying and stimulating, it can help lift depression.

Lemongrass essential oil | Botanical name: Cymbopogon citrate | Country of origin: Guatemala | A fast growing aromatic shrub, the chopped grass is steam distilled to extract the oil.  Used extensively in Asian cooking we love its’ intensely sweet, lemony and herbaceous aroma and can help clear headaches and combat nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions.

FREE FROM: Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Artificial Colours 


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