Mallows Beauty

Mallows Beauty | Coconut Mud Mask

£12 £17.95

This SUPER moisturising, soothing and gentle face mask contains honey, known to have antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for acne sufferers.  
It contains nourishing ingredients like olive oil, coconut and shea butters. Which contain the antioxidant Vitamin E or ‘Tocopherol’ to heal dry skin from the inside out. 
Banana aka ‘Musa Sapientum’ is rich in goodness; it has a calming influence for stressed-out skin. Moisturisers maintain the skins barrier, crucial if you live in a city and your face is non-stop harassed by pollution… This coconut mask will keep your skin balanced, hydrated and therefore control your oil content

1. Apply mask to cleansed skin, avoiding delicate eye area. 

2. Leave on for up to 10-15mins. Now this is you time, relax and enjoy it.  Just remember to breathe.

3. Wipe away using a damp cloth and glow.


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