Kitty Clogs

Kitty Clogs | Low Fika | Black

£80 £115

“FIKA” Swedish [verb] “a coffee break”

A single strap sandal with a simple, relaxed and comfortable feel for all your daily adventures. "Fika" is the concept of slowing down and enjoying good coffee and good conversation with friends. Sunny Saturday afternoon coffee is the inspiration for the Fika sandal.  The Onyx leather is a classic black that wears beautifully over time. This is a wardrobe staple.

Kitty Clogs' Low Fika has a stapled leather strap with a strap to the back. The dark Alder wood base has a low 30mm heel. The wooden bases are ergonomically shaped inside and out for comfort and have a rubber grip on the sole. With time and wear both the leather and wooden base will soften and begin to mould to the shape of your foot.

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