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Kialla Furniture | Weave Stool


A balance of clean lines and fluid contours, in strong colours to suit any environment

The Weave Stool was designed to be a stool and a side table. Made to the optimum height with a perfectly flat top. Strong enough to support you with enough poise to show off your favorite lamp, wireless speaker or maybe just a place to leave your coffee and a book

The Weave Stool is as much at home as a bedside table, a coffee table or tucked away as a spare seat for guests.

Dimensions and specifics

Made from extremely robust 18mm (13 layer) furniture grade, Birch plywood. Laminated on both sides with a durable high performance matte laminate (HPL), using non-toxic water soluble PVA adhesive

Height: 45cm

Width: 36cm

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