Dinadi | Yak Tube Hat | Dark Brown

£49 £73

The YAK Tube hat is made with a classic knit from top to bottom allowing the bottom edge to roll naturally, revealing the reverse side of the classic knit and its unique texture when it’s cuffed. The luxuriously soft, undyed yak wool sourced from a social business in Tibet will provide plenty of warmth for many cold winter days to come. Unisex.

Hand knitted in 7 hours by women directly employed by Dinadi in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dinadi controls the production process from start to finish maximising transparency and social impact.

yarn 100% yak wool (undyed)
yarn origin Tibetan Plateau
production hand knit in Nepal in 7 hours
packaging hand made lokta paper box
fit unisex, one size
weight 55 grams
labelling hand signed by knitter

Add wool detergent to cold water and let your product soak for about 10 minutes without working it. Rinse with clean, cold water and press the water out of the product without twisting or pulling. Lay out flat for drying.

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