Kitty Clogs

Kitty Clogs | Mid Aaliyah | Stone

£85 £129

"AALIYAH" Hebrew [name] “sublime”

This Kitty original is a firm favourite. With a playful feel and a comfortable fit, the Aaliyah clog is ideal for everyday wear and looks great with sheer or chunky socks. Try a subtle 70’s vibe by wearing with a high waisted, wide leg jean. The Stone leather is a cool beige colour with a soft, natural look. 

The Mid Aaliyah clog has stapled leather uppers with a rounded toe and an ankle strap for a confident stride. The dark Alder wood base has a 70mm heel so comfortable you can have the height without the feel of wearing heels. Kitty Clogs' wooden bases are ergonomically shaped inside and out for comfort and have a rubber grip on the sole. With time and wear both the leather and wooden base will soften and begin to mould to the shape of your foot.

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