Happy birthday to us!!

On Friday, March 1st, it will be THREE YEARS since we first opened the doors to Movement Boutique!  We can hardly believe it!  How the time has flown....  

What a journey it has been!  The wonderful people we have met, the beautiful and exciting clothes, homewares and jewellery we have stocked and sold.  Products with heart warming stories:  Bowls made using recycled magazines by a women's co-operative in Swaziland (Quazi Designs), Men's jackets made out of 100% recycled marine plastic (Knowledge Cotton Apparel), Swimsuits out of fishing nets (Mads Norgaard), Socks that give to the homeless (Jolllie's) and many stunning, organic, fair-trade items of clothes.  Not everything sold in MoBo is organic and sustainable but Marcelle's commitment to only selling items we are confident have been fairly produced is exemplary and we are proud that we have been trail-blazers for introducing so many thoughtful lines to the Bristol market.

We now sell all over the world! Yes, MoBo is truly INTERNATIONAL!  Last week I packaged stock to Canada, Israel, Germany, Hollywood, Switzerland and Ireland as well as throughout the UK.  The word is spreading...!

And we couldn't have done it without our wonderful team: Florrie, Al, Bonita, Howard and Dee.  Each of whom have shared their knowledge, time, commitment and skill set.  We thank them all.

There have been awards, fashion shows and TV appearances, emergency hospital admissions, tears, laughter and truly, never a dull moment...

Here are a couple of pics of Marcelle and I on that first (rainy) morning.  

And so here's to the next three years!  Cheers to that!