Brand profile: The Soap Co

The Soap Co. is an ethical luxury brand that creates sophisticated cruelty-free body care products to nurture and care for your skin.

They are based in East London, and with a traditional workshop in the Lake District, all of their products are handcrafted in the UK by people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. They take pride in paying attention where it matters, from their award-winning minimalist design to locally sourced bottles and compostable soap wrappers.

They promise never to rest on their laurels. A no compromise approach means they will always strive to improve their products and service both to you - their loyal customers and their invaluable employees who make it all possible.

Building on their commitment to handcraft their products in the UK, they only use natural botanicals, nourishing vitamins and pure essentials oils. Their products are paraben and cruelty-free. But that's not all. Just like their design, their ethics are black and white.

The Soap Co. are always striving to reduce their impact on the environment. Our ingredients, bottles and labels wherever possible are sourced from UK suppliers and they have been inspired by Dame Ellen Macarthur's Foundation (EMF) and their work to create the Circular Economy 100. Their philosophy, to design with more thought is at the very core of The Soap Co.

A bottle that is made from some old milk bottles and with a 45% lower environmental impact than regular PET bottles?  Yes.  A film that looks and acts like plastic but is made from renewable wood pulp?  Yes. Stickers that are compostable?  Yes.  Glue that is non-toxic and biodegradable?  Yes. 

As a social enterprise, their core goal is to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities. The Soap Co. see employment as the tip of the iceberg – not only does it build skills, it provides financial independence and encourages less reliance on others. You could say they are disrupting and changing views about just what people with disabilities and long-term health conditions are able to achieve in the workplace and in life, because they fundamentally believe that everyone is capable of doing something great.

Their ethos around sustainability is no less proactive or hard-hitting. The Soap Co. is committed to sourcing sustainably in all aspects of its manufacturing process and influencing both consumers and businesses through our example.

The Soap Co. with its Eco & Bee Friendly collection is making real headway in the retail, corporate and hospitality space, affording them a unique opportunity to promote their eco and sustainability agenda to an ever-widening cohort of people concerned to make a difference to our planet's health. For example, The Soap Co. can be found in The Conran Shop, corporate washrooms and the hospitality sector, including Michelin starred restaurants like Cornerstone.

Their organisation holds this influential sustainability certification, a powerful endorsement of their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint year on year using clear metrics. In 2017, they reduced this damaging footprint by 15% as they undertook a number of initiatives to do what they can, as effectively as they can.