Brand profile: Rains

Rains is a contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand creating waterproof designs for the global citizen. Influenced by its Scandinavian heritage, Rains practices an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance. Rains is of the opinion that proper rainwear need not come at the cost of considered design. Rather, Rains apparel, bags, and accessories are designed to withstand the stormiest of weather, all while speaking to the current tendencies of today.

Rains waterproof rain jackets

So, why the name?

Well, the name Rains celebrates the basic element to which Rains products are designed to protect the wearer from: rain. A word that has historically been a bearer of both joy and discomfort, Rains offers the opportunity to reclaim the word and view inclement weather as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. Each product in return becomes a celebration of precipitation and the opportunity that lies within a rainy day.

Sounds great so far, how long have they been around?

2012 actually, and since then Rains has set out to rethink quality rainwear. Based on an initiative to reinterpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way, Rains launched with just one product: a poncho. The season after, Rains launched with a full collection of waterproof apparel, bags, and accessories. Today, each collection continues in the same spirit; providing a mix between revitalized designs from rainwear archives and original rainwear solutions found exclusively at Rains.


How sustainable are they?

Their starting point to product sustainability is found in safety and durability, by developing products that are safe to wear for people and, in the long run, have less impact on the planet. Moving forward, they believe in circularity combined with product safety and durability.

Durable Development

Rains develops and manufactures modern and comfortable rainwear. Signature to this promise, is a lightweight yet strong polyester fabric backed with a flexible, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating. The fabric is bonded together through ultrasonic welding, ensuring quality, waterproof products. Additionally, all fittings, zippers and trimmings are designed and produced in materials optimized for wet conditions.

Waterproof: 4000mm/cm2 Water column pressure
Windproof: 0.02 cmm Air permeability
Breathable: 4000g/mg Water vapor transmission
Insulated: 3M™️ Thinsulate Featherless Insulation
Quilted: 100% Polyester
Double-welded seams: High-frequency, ultrasonic technology
Seamless bondings: Backside woven puffer chambers
Weather-resistant hardware: Stainless steel and durable rubber trimmings


The performative, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating ensures water repellency and a long lifetime. The rubber material has a high durability, and with its build-in insulative quality it also has windproof abilities. Rains has specifically chosen the PU-coating as it is significantly more environment-friendly than its hormone disrupting alternatives: PVC and DWR-PFC.


A light woven polyester fiber is used as the backside of the water-repellent PU-coating. Together, the polyester and the PU represents a strong construction that both keeps the fit and keeps you dry. The environmental benefit of polyester is that the synthetic material is completely recyclable, and by 2021, our goal is to minimize our use of virgin polyester. To do this, we introduce a recycled polyester microfiber made of plastic bottles from a closed loop system.


All metals used on Rains hardware are made of stainless steel. Stainless-steel is ultimately the most environmentally friendly metal as it is corrosion-resistant, highly durable, have high-recycled content and recapture rates, as well as the metal has the benefit of being nickel-free.

All individual product specifications can be found in the product descriptions and details section of the product pages.