Brand Profile - Lily and Lionel

We take a lot of time and though in choosing our brands, whether it be for their use of sustainable fabrics, to their flattering style. This Spring/Summer season we have introduced some new brands, one of which is Lily and Lionel.

Lily and Lionel is a luxury British womenswear brand that creates storytelling prints with a bohemian spirit. 

It all started when Lily and Lionel's Creative Director, Alice Stone, noticed a gap in the market for contemporary, bright prints that could easily slot into a woman's everyday wardrobe. So, in 2009, Alice launched her label, which is actually named after her grandparents both of whom worked in the textile industry. Initially, the brand focused on scarves (in a range of florals, animal prints and celestial motifs), before branching out into ready-to-wear in autumn/winter 2015.

Skip ahead to now, and Lily and Lionel produce four collections a year - including a mix of printed dresses, shirts, skirts and scarves - and is stocked in more than 150 stores worldwide, one of which is our very own boutique here in Bristol.

Their signature prints, which combine a very British sense of humour with a love of storytelling and hand-painting, are created in the brand's London studio, and Alice has collaborated with established artists, luxury beauty brands, hotels and galleries on a number of exciting projects.

At the heart of the brand is the desire to create clothes and accessories that are relevant, wearable and, ultimately, inspiring for today’s woman. For those of you that remember the style of the seventies, you may feel nostalgic when you browse Lily and Lionel's collection each garment has a free-flowing elegance that has already proved a hit with our customers.

Browse our collection of this season's Lily and Lionel.

Lily and Lionel British Luxury womenswear